We love when our community and visitors share their photos of Kosciusko County with us. In 2019 we had so many awesome pictures that we were able to share on our Instagram. We want to take a moment to thank all you residents and visitors who let us share your photos on our account to promote travel and tourism in K-County.

To celebrate such a good year, we’ve made a list of the 19 most liked photos that visitors and locals let us share on our Instagram. We hope you enjoy the photos and please feel free to share your photos of K-County with us. You can tag us @visitkosciuskocounty or use our hashtag #visitkcounty

19. The Village at Winona from the front of The Winona Heritage Room.

Trees and sidewalks in The Village at Winona.

18. Coffee art from Three Crowns Coffee

A mason jar of coffee by a window with milk and coffee swirling

17. The Golden Retrievers at Green Earth Multisport

Three Golden Retrievers in a sporting goods shop

16. Paddle boarding on Winona Lake

Three people standing on paddle board on Winona Lake with one dog on one board

15. Cycling in Winona Lake

A woman riding her bicycle through The Village at Winona

14. Walking in the Winona Lake Park.

Sunset at Winona Lake while walking on the path in the Winona Lake Park with WInona Lake written in chalk on the path.

13. Cycling in Winona Lake

Sunset over Winona Lake while cycling on the road

12. Cherry Creek in Winona Lake along the Winona Lake Trails.

A creek running through the woods in Winona Lake

11. An aerial view of Winona Lake

A view of the town of Winona Lake from an airplane

10. Fireworks over Winona Lake

Fireworks over the lake with the silhouette of a person on a boat

9. An aerial view of the fall colored trees at Winona Lake

An aerial view of the town of Winona Lake with the leaves on the trees being red and orange in the fall

8. Port Winona opening in The Village at Winona

People talking and sitting on the porch of a small wine and beer bar in The Village at Winona

7. An aerial view of Lake Wawasee

An aerial view of houses on an island on Lake Wawasee

6. Cherry Creek along the Winona Lake Trails

A creek running through the woods in Winona Lake

5. A visitor going to Warsaw Cut Glass

A woman standing across the street from a brick building with a sign saying Warsaw Cut Glass Company

4. A rainbow over Lake Wawasee

A rainbow over Lake Wawasee

3. The Syracuse-Wawasee Trails

The Syracuse-Wawasee Trail running throug the woods with yellow and green leaves in the fall

2. Wake boarding on Winona Lake

A man wake boarding behind a boat during sunset on Winona Lake

1. Plane on Winona Lake

A boat on the lake at sunset on Winona Lake

Thanks for checking out the Best 19 Photos of Kosciusko County in 2019! If you have a photo of Kosciusko County or a photo of Living Well in the Moment in K-County, please share with us! You can tag us @visitkosciuskocounty or use our hashtag #visitkcounty Your picture might get shared on our page!

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Mitchell Randall