Oak & Alley is a local favorite known for their craft burgers, beer, bourbon, and cocktails that I recently tried for the first time.

The Atmosphere

Arriving before they even unlocked the front doors, I am the first customer of the day. High tables along the outside wall and a bar along the inside provide open sight lines, with natural light filling the restaurant from the many windows. The blonde wood of the tables, seating, and bar contrast the dark grey walls. Oak & Alley is a sharp-looking space, with minimal items on the tables, leaving plenty of space for friends to gather and share a meal.

The People

The waitress politely introduces herself, striking up a bit of conversation as I order an iced tea. After delivering my drink, she talks me through the specials of the day and items of interest on the menu. Oak & Alley values customer service, and so far, that attitude is shining through every interaction.

Oak and Ally

The Decision

The menu boasts several creative burgers with intriguing names, each sounding delicious. One burger, aptly named “The Traveler,” is a special creation that is only in town for a week at a time. I decide on a burger dubbed “The Republic” with a side of sweet potato fries (I LOVE sweet potato fries).

Oak and Ally

The Burgers

My jaw drops as I catch sight of my meal—a massive towering burger with a haystack of crispy sweet potato fries and a cup of horseradish dipping sauce. The artist in the kitchen has expertly crafted it, with every level of topping visible: the warm pretzel bun, perfectly-cooked juicy burger, melty cheddar cheese, rocket, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, bacon, and avocado. My greatest accomplishment this day is resisting the urge to dig in long enough to snap this picture.

Messy and delicious, this is the burger of dreams. Furthering my enjoyment, the sweet potato fries are a perfect combination of crispy, sweet and salty. This burger and fries combo exceeds my expectations and proves all the glowing reviews of Oak and Alley true.

The Experience

My experience at Oak & Alley was top-notch. The welcoming greeting, friendly and conversational service, fun and exciting food choices, detailed design of the restaurant, and a delicious meal all served to make this a memorable experience. My first visit to Oak and Alley will definitely not be my last. Check it out for yourself. I think you will find it as remarkable as I did.

Mitchell Randall