MudLOVE, a local shop in downtown Warsaw, Ind., is a favorite of locals and visitors. Handcrafting gorgeous clay bracelets with meaningful messages stamped in them, MudLOVE is famous all of over country. These bracelets don’t just look good they also do good. Each product sold provides one week of clean water to those in need.

The Shop

The glass storefront allows people on the sidewalk to see in the shop and view the employees making the clay products. The interior is a massive single room with the front organized as a retail space, where visitors can peruse through hundreds of bracelets with a variety of inspirational words on them, mugs, vases, and more. The rest of the room is used as crafting space with office and desk areas in the back. The walls of the shop are old red brick. The brick, the open ceilings, the big windows letting in natural light, and the wooden work tables, all help make a stunning shop. There is almost no separation between the visitors and the production area, giving visitors the chance to see the whole process.

MudLOVE artisan making a mug on a potter’s wheel.

The Story

MudLOVE was started in 2009 in a small garage with the vision to love others. That mission has been at their core since then. MudLOVE is partnered with Water for Good, an organization that works to provide clean water in the Central African Republic. Each product provides one week of clean water to those in need.

MudLOVE team member pumping water from a well.

The Process

Each product is handcrafted in Warsaw. The clay for the bracelets is worked, shaped, stamped with a rubber stamp set, that has been passed down over generations, and then baked. The mugs are handcrafted and spun on potter’s wheels. When you come to the shop you can see the workers hand crafting and stamping each bracelet at the work benches. Just like MudLOVE says, “It starts with mud and ends with love”.

Rubber stamps MudLOVE uses to print words on bands.

The Products

MudLOVE creates a variety of handcrafted items. The most famous is probably the bracelets (I personally own five of their inspirational bands). I see people all over wearing these bracelets when I travel. They also sell mugs, hanging planters, tumblers, vases, and more. When you shop at MudLOVE you’re not just getting a handmade product, you’re also providing one week of clean water to those in need. Come by and visit the shop to see why they’re such a favorite.

MudLOVE mugs

For more information on MudLOVE visit their website:

Mitchell Randall