Indiana is well-known for its bizarre and frustrating weather. You could wake up one morning to a pleasant sunny day, that’s perfect for shorts and a t-shirt, then tomorrow it’s snowing. To help our visitors plan for the unpredictable weather, we’ve created an itinerary of things to do for each season of their trip.

Day 1 Season- Spring

Wake up to a nice comfortable 70 degree day. The sun is shining, there may be a few rain clouds, but overall it’s a nice day. This weather gives you energy and motivation to shake off the cold of winter and get outside. Here’s three things to do in Spring in Kosciusko County:


Spring is when the fish start biting. K-County has over 100 lakes and is famous for its Muskie fishing. Along with Muskie there are plenty of bass, bluegill, crappie, northern pike, perch, catfish, walleye, and trout. Grab your gear or visit a local bait and tackle shop, then hit the water. Use the Kosciukso County Lakes Guide to plan your fishing trip.

Muskie Fishing, Kosciusko County, Ind.

The Village at Winona

The Village at Winona is a collection of over 20 Victorian houses, renovated into retail and service shops and eateries. Located along Winona Lake and the Winona Lake canal, the Village is home to many unique shops and delicious restaurants.

Village at Winona, Winona Lake, Ind.

Warsaw Biblical Gardens

Take a quick stop at the Biblical Gardens. Walk in and stroll along the nice sidewalks, see the water beds along the trail and see plants that are mentioned in the bible. Each plant has a plaque in front with a description of where it is mentioned in the bible. Located next to the Garden of Central Park and next to Center Park, this is a good spot for families to visit.

Warsaw Biblical Gardens, Warsaw, Ind.

Day 2 Season- Summer

The sun is shining and it’s a toasty 90 degrees. The warm weather makes it easy to get outside and enjoy the lakes and nature. Here are four ways to enjoy summer in K-County:

Lake Recreation

Lakes are everywhere in K-County and kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and boating are popular ways to cool off. There are lots of rental services available for visitors to use. Bring your friends and experience the lakes.

Paddle boarding, Kosciusko County, Ind.


There are eight public beaches in Kosciusko County. Rest on the beach with your feet in the sand, while you listen to the waves. Or play a game of volleyball at one of the sand courts. Many of the beaches are located near parks where playgrounds, tennis courts and basketball courts are available.

Winona Lake Beach, Winona Lake, Ind.

Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining in Northern Indiana? That’s right. Kosciusko County has multiple outdoor dining options. These restaurants provide spaces for friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company with good food. Fresh air and warm sunlight give diners a sense of relaxation and calm. Then in the evening, watch the sunset and feel the cool crisp air. Outdoor dining is a normal part of life in K-County.

The Garden at Winona, Winona Lake, Ind.


Are you looking for a casual walk with family and friends or are you wanting something more challenging? Either way, there’s a trail for you in K-County. With over 15 miles of paved trails for walking or biking and over 9 miles of mountain bike trails, there’s trails for everyone. Some trails wind through woods, some curve along the lakes, and some travel through towns. There are also multiple bike rental services available for use.

Winona Mountain Bike Trail, Winona Lake, Ind.

Day 3 Season-Fall

The temperature dropped. It’s 50 degrees. The wind is blowing and there are lots of clouds in the sky. There a slight cold in the air and it’s time for sweatshirts. If you look up, you can see the leaves are changing to bright and vivid blends of orange, yellow, and red. Under your feet there’s a layer of crunchy leaves. Here’s three things to do in the Fall in Kosciusko County:

Nature Preserves

Kosciusko County is home to three nature preserves, a marsh, and a fish and wildlife area. All these offer beautiful views during the Fall. The trees are full of bright colors and the leaves are crunching under your feet. The light breeze blows through the trees and the birds are singing. The trails through the preserves give visitors a chance to see birds, rabbits, deer, squirrels and more.

Blue Heron, Kosciusko County, Ind.

Tippy Creek Winery

As the weather is changing, you can sit back and relax at the winery. Sip on a glass of wine or a wine slushy while you share laughs with friends. Tippy Creek Winery hosts many events throughout the year and is home to some gorgeous views.

Tippy Creek Winery, Leesburg, Ind.


The two breweries in K-County provide lots of options for visitors to try. ManCave Brewing Co. and HopLore Brewing create craft beers with flavors for every beer fan.

HopLore Brewing Co., Leesburg, Ind.

Day 4 Season- Winter

Get your coats! It’s 20 degrees and the snow if falling. Look out the window and see the big snowflakes gently coating the county in a blanket. Bundle up and explore some of the shopping and attractions in K-County. Here’s three things to do in winter in K-County.

The Cave on the Square

Ready for some relaxation and relief from the cold? The Cave on the Square is a Himalayan salt therapy room, that provides stress relief and re-energizes. It’s also located in the back of Latte Lounge, a unique coffee shop and art gallery. Sit back and let the cold melt away while you sip on coffee.

The Cave on the Square, Warsaw, Ind.

The Winona History Center

Experience the history of Winona Lake. The Winona History Center showcases many exhibits, that share the history of the area. Learn about the influence of faith in the community by exploring the Billy Sunday exhibits and even learn about a water-skiing lion.

Winona History Center, Winona Lake, Ind.


The town of Pierceton is full of antique, primitive, rustic, vintage, and refurbished shops. This cute town has unique finds for everyone.

Kelsea Designs, Pierceton, Ind.

Plan Your Visit

Kosciusko County is full of things to do and places to eat. The weather can change but there’s something to do in any season. We hope this guide helps you plan your trip for any season of the week.

Mitchell Randall