It only takes a moment to make a memory. It might be exhilarating. Like when you first stand up on the water and ski across one of our hundred lakes. It might be deliciously fresh. Like the perfect bite of a five-star meal that comes straight from local farms. It might be inspiring. Like when you finish your first triathlon after receiving an orthopaedic implant manufactured in the Orthopaedic Capital of the World. Whatever your Kosciusko moment, we invite you to live it to the fullest.

Cities and Towns

One city and a variety of small towns. Each full of exciting possibilities, outdoor adventures and thousands of welcoming smiles.

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History and Culture

From orthopaedics to tourism to farming, our heritage is just as unique as our name. By the way, it’s pronounced cause-key-osko.

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Kosciusko by Season

Bustling beaches in the summer. Crisp, fresh flavors in the autumn. Wooded trails in the winter. And nature reawakening in the spring.

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