Kosciusko County Climate, Weather & Time Zone

Weather’s good here

Each season brings a new collection of moments to enjoy in Indiana’s Kosciusko County. Diving in the lake in the heat of the sun. Enjoying long walks as the air becomes crisp. Bundling up in mittens and scarves. And digging in the warming soil as temperatures begin to rise again.

Weather facts for Indiana’s Kosciusko County

On average, the warmest month is July and the highest recorded temperature was 103F in 1976. The coolest month is January, with the lowest recorded temperature of -25F in 1985. June sees the most precipitation with an average rainfall of 4.51 Inches.

Monthly averages for Indiana’s Kosciusko County

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip Record High Record Low
Jan 32°F 17°F 25°F 2.28 in. 69°F (1950) -25°F (1985)
Feb 36°F 20°F 28°F 1.74 in. 73°F (1999) -21°F (1963)
Mar 47°F 29°F 38°F 2.26 in. 82°F (1981) -9°F (1980)
Apr 60°F 39°F 50°F 3.55 in. 88°F (1951) 8°F (1982)
May 70°F 49°F 60°F 4.59 in. 93°F (1962) 24°F (1966)
Jun 79°F 59°F 69°F 4.22 in. 102°F (1988) 32°F (1956)
Jul 82°F 63°F 73°F 4.27 in. 103°F (1976) 40°F (1963)
Aug 81°F 61°F 71°F 4.29 in. 98°F (1988) 36°F (1964)
Sep 75°F 53°F 64°F 3.08 in. 102°F (1953) 28°F (1962)
Oct 62°F 42°F 52°F 3.39 in. 90°F (2007) 19°F (1976)
Nov 49°F 33°F 41°F 2.68 in. 85°F (1950) -4°F (1950)
Dec 36°F 22°F 29°F 2.59 in. 69°F (2001) -20°F (1989)

Statistics from The Weather Channel

Time zone

Indiana’s Kosciusko County is on Eastern Time and observes Daylight Savings Time.