geocaching-contentGeocaching is the latest craze in outdoor adventure. Live Well in the Moment in Indiana’s Kosciusko County as you participate in the ultimate family hide and seek adventure. Anyone can participate. All you need is a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) unit – and your natural sense of adventure – and you’re ready to play.

Throughout Kosciusko County, containers, or “caches” have been hidden and the coordinates noted for your GPS unit. Don’t have a gps? Then come to the Visitor Center and borrow one from us!

Visit to get a complete list of caches located throughout the county. With over 600 caches located here you won’t be disappointed.

Also, Indiana’s Kosciusko County is home to the Indiana cache for the Cache Across America game. Don’t miss your chance to grab Indiana’s cache code.

For more details on geocaching and to find a list of all the geocaches in Indiana’s Kosciusko County visit the website