Located on the outskirts of Claypool is the world’s largest integrated soybean processing biodiesel plant. Louis Dreyfus Commodities proudly converts American soybeans to fuel that feeds the world.

Due to safety and liability reasons, your group will not be able to tour the facility; however, a representative of the plant will step onto the motorcoach and talk about when this facility opened in 2006. You will learn how they process 50 million bu of soybeans annually, produce 1 million tons of soybean meal (animal feed) and produce 90 million gallons of biodiesel. Located on 275 acres, they utilize 2 locomotives and 1000 rail cars, have a waste water treatment plant and unload 500 semis of soybeans per day.

Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Claypool, Ind.

Your group will then make their way over to Kerry and Kim Goshert’s sixth generation farm in Mentone to learn about the process of soy production and the benefits of using their soy products. With K & K Soy Products, you are guaranteed to receive 100% soy wax candles that burn 99% soot-free and contain high-quality fragrance oils. Your group will make and take home a soy candle for your gem!

K & K Soy Products, Mentone, Ind.


After leaving Mentone, head into Warsaw and have lunch at
Creighton Brother’s Crazy Egg Café and Coffee Bar.

The Creighton family arrived and began farming and other jobs in the greater Atwood area around 1850.
Three generations later Hobart & Russell Creighton invested their families’ future in 1200 white leghorn pullets.
Since that time, the farm has continued to grow conservatively to a capacity of 3 million laying hens, over 9,000 acres of farm ground, our own feed mill, egg processing for over two million eggs daily, and 5 generations of family ownership.

The lunch options at the Crazy Egg Café offers a wide selection of salads, tasty entrees and sides,
including their famous “Not Your Mama’s Meatloaf”.
They have daily bakery items and the coffee bar features many coffee, tea and smoothie selections.
They also offer nut-free and gluten-free options!

After your group has finished eating, they will watch a video and learn about the history of how the family farm began. Before you leave, take time to browse the gift shop full of fun t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, travel mugs and much more! Or just enjoy the ambiance and relax by the fireplace with a salted caramel mocha or a pumpkin spice latte.


Then your group will head north and travel to see camels
in Milford, Indiana. That’s right, CAMELS!

From the moment visitors arrive at River Jordan Camel Dairy Farm,
your group will see the hairy, one-humped wonders up-close and personal.
Inside the barn, they will see young calves, the milking process and learn how products are made
from camel’s milk such as ice cream, lotions, soaps and even dog shampoo!

Your group will leave with a small sample of camel ice cream.

Your group will head next to Blue Barn Berry Farm. Located just west of Dewart Lake, Blue Barn Berry Farm is a You-Pick farm with blueberries, fresh produce country store and event venue.

Your group will hear about their all-natural 100% pure honey, hand-spun by beekeeper, Peggy Bucher.

There’s always something farm-fresh and delicious at the Blue Barn Market. From their blueberries and blackberries (when in season), to a great assortment of fresh vegetables including: corn, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, beans and sweet corn from the field, the Blue Barn Market is a MUST-STOP for amazing produce at great prices!

Blue Barn is much more than just a berry farm. They have rows of fresh tomatoes to pick, live chickens working hard to lay farm-fresh eggs (for sale – and delicious!) and they pop fresh kettle corn every single week. Dozens of free-range chickens are running around that delight visitors and produce fantastic eggs.

Also, while you are there, be sure to check out over 20 varieties of jellies, jam and salsas (you gotta try the peach habenero!). Blue Barn Berry Farm is a family business, built on love and a lot of hard work.

Your group will “wine” down and end the day at
Kosciusko County’s First and ONLY farm winery!

Only minutes away from Blue Barn Berry Farm is Tippy Creek Winery.
They are literally just down the road from Blue Barn Berry Farm.

At Tippy Creek Winery, your group will get to see how they bottle the wine behind the scenes and experience multiple flavors in one trip as they enjoy wine tastings, wine flights, wine slushies and hard cider.

Everyone will leave with a wine glass.

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