• From: Kosciusko County
  • Title: Made in Kosciusko County
  • Press Release: Immediate Release

Known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World, Warsaw, Ind., is home to orthopedic implant giants like Zimmer, DePuy, Biomet and MedTronic. The industry is a tradition that actually began with DePuy and a simple wire mesh splint that was created in 1895.

State of the art hip and knee replacements, as well as a host of other orthopedic implants — the same ones used to repair well-worn joints of such people as Bo Jackson and even the Pope — are custom manufactured right here in the Midwest and distributed worldwide.

But orthopedic implants are just one of the many locally made products known or used around the world.

Kids and parents love CoCo Wheats for their delicious chocolaty taste and their high nutritional value. CoCo Wheats are among the grocery products manufactured in downtown Warsaw at Little Crow Foods.

Who doesn’t love to shop via the J.C. Penney catalog? Thanks to R.R. Donnelley’s & Sons, that mega-catalog — and a host of other popular catalogs and magazines — are printed and distributed into the hands of consumers everywhere.

Speaking of printing, The Papers Inc. in the tiny northern Kosciusko County of Milford, prints the widely read Today’s Catholic and the hugely popular Auto & RV publications among many others. Notre Dame fans can also thank The Papers for printing the Blue & Gold newspaper that exists through the football season.

Also in Milford are agricultural icons Chore-Time, Maple Leaf Farms and Brock. Those in the poultry and hog operations likely use the Chore-Time feeders to assist them in caring for their livestock, and Brock is the manufacturer of the grain and industrial storage bins used on farms and farming operations across the country. Maple Leaf Farms is the largest producer of duckling in the world.

Movie-goers, home theater enthusiasts and business executives are likely familiar with yet another Kosciusko County original product: screens. Da-Lite Screen, located in Warsaw, is the world leader in this entertainment and business industry necessity.

Enjoy spending time on the water? Boaters can thank Rinker Boat, based in the small resort town of Syracuse, for their fast-moving fun. Boat manufacturing is a huge industry in the county, but the largest majority of the vessels are shipped to consumers from all across the country.

And, not to be forgotten is the small town of North Webster that can lay claim to a very popular household product. Keeping things smelling fresh, Dekko Technologies manufactures Glade Plug-In air fresheners.

It was actually Dekko Technologies that first introduced the plug-in concept that has since been adopted by many other companies.

And the list goes on! Whether it is a household name, a product used in the agricultural industry or an invention used to better the quality of life, Kosciusko County is more than just lakes.