• From: Warsaw
  • Title: World’s only complete Hallmark Ornament collection is in Warsaw, Ind.
  • Press Release: Immediate Release

In 1973, the Hallmark Company began a tradition that is today a legacy celebrated around the globe. And in no other place in the world than in Kosciusko County can avid collectors and those who simply appreciate the quality and workmanship of these ornaments, see the entire collection in one place.

The only complete public display of Hallmark ornaments exits in the Hallmark Ornament Museum, located in the heart of Warsaw.

It is The Party Shop that houses the museum where glass encased displays protect the very first Hallmark ornaments ever produced – yarn creations of Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves and snowmen – and all of the productions that have continued for generations. In all, the collection totals more than 4,500 pieces and continues to grow.

David Hamrick is the museum curator, preserving the Hallmark company’s history and updating the collection year-round. Without exception, his Hallmark Ornament Museum has every single design ever manufactured by the company – and even a few that were never actually released to the public.

To tour the impressive museum collection is to get a lesson in history and view first-hand how simplicity in the ornament industry has evolved to include the most intricate and technologically impressive pieces. Visitors and even the most seasoned collector are sure to learn some little-known facts on the most famous ornaments ever produced.

In 1978 the Hallmark company began releasing characters, like an ice skating raccoon, and started its first series. But it was not until 1981 when popular television and movie characters were created. Missy Piggy and Kermit the Frog ornaments marked the beginning of an enterprise that continues to thrive, and both are on display in the museum.

Serious collectors not only enjoy viewing the displays, they are often able to work with Hamrick to find the missing pieces of their own valuable collections.

The Hallmark Museum is open year-round and caters to tour groups. To arrange for a group tour, call Sharon Gosnell, Group Sales Manager at the Kosciusko County CVB, at (800) 800-6090 or email her at sharon@koscvb.org.