804 G Park Ave
Winona Lake, IN 46590

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A marriage of: Bel Kai & MudLOVE

The cozy garage that is now the home of Belove started as the original MudLOVE. Specializing in handmade clay goods like pottery, bracelets, and necklaces, MudLOVE eventually outgrew the garage and opened a flagship store in downtown Warsaw. In the midst of growth, MudLOVE fell in love with a local online jewelry business, Bel Kai. She was lovely, fierce and created the most beautiful jewelry out of metal, paper, and resin. Their love grew strong and they soon married, naturally merging two businesses into one. Luke (MudLOVE) and Whitney (Bel Kai) welcome you to Belove, two businesses with one purpose: be love.

Your money is in good hands at Belove:

MudLOVE donates 20% of every sale to Water for Good which provides Central Africans with an essential life need: clean drinking water.

Bel Kai donates 20% of every sale to a variety of organizations that focus on meeting the needs of women and children. Specifically, rescuing victims of the sex slave trade, finding forever homes for orphans and empowering the impoverished.