Glenwood Nature Preserve

7008 W 650 N
Etna Green, IN 46524

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About Glenwood Nature Preserve

Glennwood contains a circumneutral bog, one of only 15 in Indiana. The bog once was a lake, but it is now nearly filled with a springly mat of mosses, ferns and sedges resting on a bed of peat covering over 36.7 acres of land. The trail is 1 mile. Poison sumac, pin oad, willow and red maple surround the bog area. In the forest around the bog grow Canadian mayflower, shiny club moss and sarsaparilla, as well as cinnamon, crested shield and royal ferns. The preserve is noted for spectacular fall color. Located at 7009 W. 650 N, Etna Green, IN 46524