River Jordan Camel Dairy

About River Jordan Camel Dairy

River Jordan Camel Dairy: Pure Camel Milk for Beauty, For Life. We sell Soaps, Lotion & Body Butters, Pet Products, Clothing, Home & Accessories. We also give tours. All of our soaps are handmade with a variety of natural oils and butters. Each bar contains approximately 25% Camel milk, which helps provide the soap with skin-loving nutrients, anti-oxidants, and vitamins. It also adds the classic smooth texture and rich lather that our customers have come to love and appreciate about River Jordan Camel Dairy soaps.

Our love affair with camels began in the sticky heat and tall grass of summer, 2015. What started as a simple desire to raise camels to ride (and mow the grass), quickly grew as we learned more about the numerous health benefits that camel milk and camel milk products can provide. Then the plans got expensive…and bubbly. We began creating artisan soap and lotion made with natural ingredients and raw camel milk purchased from another dairy to raise our “camel fund.” One bar at a time, we finally made it!