Spring Fountain Park

700 Park Ave
Winona Lake, IN 46590

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About Spring Fountain Park

Spring (Circle) Fountain Park – founded by The Beyer Brother’s just below the Beyer Brother’s Mansion. The fountain park is what is left of the Beyer brother’s resort area. It was built in 1887 with a hotel, a racetrack and a roller coaster. In 1894 Dr. Solomon Dickey, bought the resort area with dreams of making it into a religious retreat. By 1905, the resort and surrounding area had been renamed Winona Lake.  The following 10 years are known as the “Golden Age” of Winona Lake. Evangelist Billy Sunday built a home in the nearby village: and Winona Lake became a haven for religious community. The area became the oasis for Midwesterners looking for rest and relaxation. In 1994, a restoration project began to trans form the Winona Lake community to its former glory-during this time Spring Fountain Park was restored. The park can be rented out. Visit the Village at Winona for more details.